Hatch supplies engineering, project and construction management services, process and business consulting and operational services to the mining, metallurgical, energy and infrastructure industries.
Mining & Metals Power Oil & Gas Infrastructure Services Technologies
Hatch provides specialized know-how and patented technologies to enable our clients’ facilities to be safer, more environmentally friendly, and more competitive in terms of minimum capital and operating costs per unit of throughput. When Hatch technology transfer is combined with Hatch EPCM services for the overall facility, the enhanced coordination enables us to provide installations optimized for aggressive schedules, quicker ramp-up to the designed production level, and better operability and maintainability.
Aluminum Reduction TechnologiesAluminum Reduction Technologies
Hatch Aluminum Reduction Cell Technologies reduce electrical resistance of
anode assemblies, improve current distribution in anodes and cathodes, externally modify potshell heat transfer to control frozen bath ledge thickness...
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Hatch’s professionals provide design and operating experience in the execution
of world-class autoclave technology for all metal sectors.

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We work with clients to develop innovative solutions for operational problems and expand Coilbox™ and hot strip mill capabilities.

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Corrosion ConsultancyCorrosion Consultancy
Degradation due to corrosion leads to significant costs over the lifetime of an asset. Hatch provides corrosion control designs, proactive corrosion monitoring and inspections as well as troubleshooting if failures do occur.
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Electrolytic MacroEtcherElectrolytic MacroEtcher
Macroetching is the selective attack of the surface of a test sample with the object of revealing the features developed during solidification of the steel and its subsequent processing.
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Fluidization TechnologiesElectrometallurgy & Solvent Extraction
Hatch works with clients in both small and large-scale electrowinning and electrorefining facilities to maximise productivity while improving standards for safety. 

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Fluidization TechnologiesFluidization Technologies
Hatch has extensive experience in the customized mechanical design of fluid bed equipment. In instances where the equipment system is unique, Hatch will custom-engineer the equipment or system.
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Force Feed Forward Mill Stability SystemForce Feed Forward Mill Stability System
The Hatch Force Feed Forward Mill (FFF) Stability System is a feed forward automatic gauge control system for the hot strip mill designed to produce superior gauge control. The FFF System offers a rapid installation, low capital cost, and a fast return on investment.
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Furnace Technology & ServicesFurnace Technology & Services
Hatch's Furnace Group specializes in the engineering of new, modified and rebuild metallurgical furnaces and associated systems.

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Hatch IAS is one of the world’s leading providers of industrial process control and engineering services for the production of flat metals. Services include process knowledge via automation systems, consulting services, simulation software and training courses to the flat rolling and galvanising industries. More about HatchIAS >
Hinged Ladle LidHinged Ladle Lid
The automatic lid removal system and novel hinge design, together with a high strength refractory lid lining, are durable enough to withstand the rigorous demands of the steel-making shops.
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HydroVantage is a capital investment and maintenance planning decision support software package enabling executives, engineers and planners to evaluate equipment intervention schemes, optimize their investment timing and prioritize capital expenditure spending.
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Integrated Electric Furnace Control SystemsIntegrated Electric Furnace Control Systems
The Hatch Integrated Electric Furnace Control System (IFC) is a state-of-the-art, modular, platform-independent and multi-level family of software modules designed to handle the specific operation, controls and protection of an electric furnace.
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Non-Destructive TestingNon-Destructive Testing
Regular Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) evaluation, combined with the control system data, helps to extend both the campaign life of the furnace and its components.

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Hatch in Partnership with, N-solv Corporation holds patents for the proprietary in-situ technology for solvent extraction of bitumen from oil sands. The process uses no water and 90 percent less energy than steam assisted gravity drainage.
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Specialized Engineering Analysis & Design (SEAD)Specialized Engineering Analysis & Design (SEAD)
The Specialized Engineering Analysis and Design (SEAD) group’s activities focus on providing practical engineering solutions to complex problems.

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Smart Predictive Line ControllerSmart Predictive Line Controller
Through an innovative software program which anticipates arc behaviour, the Smart Predictive Line Controller (SPLC) controls the thyristor switch to deliver a fast compensating response which dramatically improves arc stability.
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Tapblock Fibre-Optic Temperature SystemsTapblock Fibre-Optic Temperature Systems
Tapblock Fibre-Optic Temperature Systems enables condition-based maintenance and decreases the risk of uncontrolled taps and steam explosions.

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Vista DSSVista DSSTM
The Vista DSSTM decision support system uses advanced optimization and simulation capabilities to allow operations staff and traders to achieve maximum value from their generation assets through superior forecasting, planning, scheduling and dispatching.
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Featured Project
Twin Creeks project
Hatch is providing complete engineering services for the project including development of a Metsim® process model and plant trials to be used in the debottlenecking study. More >

Coilbox™ Video

Hatch Coilbox Video
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Metallurgical Simulation

Hatch Metallurgical Simulation video
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Metallurgical Simulation

Robotic Nailer Video

Hatch Robotic Nailer video
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SEADSpecialized Engineering Analysis & Design (SEAD)
Applies expertise to process and technology development.
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